Shipfam Island

We decided to take the amazingness of Camp Shipfam and branch out overseas to a private island in Croatia!! We upped our capacity from 166 to 500 for this crazy adventure. The island is a fully equipped resort, with 3 different stages, fine dining, climate controlled cabins, and helpful staff. Shipfam Island will be held without sponsorship or promotion, NV’D Records plans to change the game with this event.
Shipfam Island Private Site:

Camp Shipfam

A private gathering of Shipfam at a real kids campground in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina. This is an event that is by Shipfam for Shipfam without involving sponsorship, major event companies, or promotion of any kind. Everyone attending(including staff) will buy a ticket and are expected to contribute their personal skill set to help with the event. The two types of lodging available are climate controlled luxury houses on site for VIP or true camp style living in 6 person cabins. Capacity of the camp is an intimate 166 shippers. Expect 2 stages of top notch sound/light equipment and some exceptional music from the guests themselves, along with a few surprise DJs.
Camp Shipfam Private Site:

Envy’d Island

Envy’d Island is a private island on Mountain Island Lake, NC that where we throw intimate waterfront dj events before the Envy’d Lounge night parties! These events are open invite with the only condition being that you have to arrive by water, of course!